Your Watch Service Center

Universal Watch is an established Service Center for fine watches in Houston since 1985. Our company has experienced watchmakers and has been professionally servicing Rolex and other fine watches for over 20 years in the same location. Your watch is a precious timepiece and we do our best to extend its life span. We have the latest and state-of-the-art specific tools to service your timepiece. We guarantee our work and we stand behind our commitment – We repair and restore your watch as best as possible to its original state.

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Our Philosophy

For most businesses is all about MONEY!  For us is about the truth and quality. We want you to know that when you trust us with your valuable Jewelry you will ALWAYS get the TRUTH. We put our passion for Horology first and we appreciate being monetarily compensated LAST!

We Deliver on Repairs

Turn around time is usually 10-14 days ( COVID Virus may influence the completion date). Express service can be requested, additional fees may apply.

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