Full Service Watch Center

Let us walk you through the Service steps:

1- When your watch arrives to our facility you will receive an official work order generated by The Edge, A POS system that tracks all repairs and registers model and serial numbers.

2- The watch is opened with a special key the movement is removed and placed in the Watchmakers bench for service. This process includes a complete disassemble, it is then placed in the Elmasolvex-RM watch cleaner (Requierd by Rolex). After the movement is perfectly cleaned we proceed to lubricate all parts with at least 5 different oils as required by Rolex and AWCI. After this we check that the amplitude is at least 270 degrees and timing within 1 second per day.

3- Unless otherwise instructed, then the case and band are placed in the polishing room for our experienced refinisher to restore to the best possible the original factory finish.

4- The movement is placed back into the case with new gaskets to assure you of water proof and then the complete watch is place on an automatic winder simulator for observation (72 hours).

Prices range from $165.00 for manual winding watches and pricing for Rolex movement service starts at $375 (which includes complimentary refinishing of the band and case). Chronographs start at $495.00 and up (depending on brand).

Band, Case,  and Bezel Refinishing

To restore the aesthetic appeal of your timepiece, we offer in house same day refinishing for a great low price of $125.00.

We also offer dial refinishing to restore your timepiece to it’s original look. This service can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the extent of work to be done on the dial. The cost of this service starts at $165.00 (varies by watch)

Plastic & Sapphire Crystals

Due to the construction of the case, watches that originally came with plastic crystals can be retro-fitted with modern sapphire crystals. On the other hand, if your watch has a plastic crystal and you choose to swap it with a sapphire, we highly recommend that you change the bezel as well. Changing the bezel will assure that the watch remains water proof.


Our turn around time is typically two weeks, however this can vary depending on the extent of the work being done and parts availability. Vintage timepieces require a longer period of time to service/repair.


We stand behind our service 100%. All watches that we service carry either a one or two year warranty. Parts subject to normal wear such as crystals, straps, etc. are not covered under warranty!

When you choose to repair your watch at Universal Watch, you will be dealing with a 3rd generation family owned business. All repairs are performed in-house, which allows us to save you weeks, even months (vs factory repair centers) in repair time since we are ready to service your watch. You will also save money since there is no 3rd party involved. You get fast, prompt personalized service which means you get to wear your watch quicker. See why we are the best Houston Watch Repair Service Center.

Repair Quote

    The Right Tools For Watch Repair

    As one of the best watch repair centers in Houston, we are actively investing in the lastes tools and techniques. Our repair center is equipped with industry leading watch service tools like the Elmasolvex-RM watch cleaner, Proofmaster M Automat water resistance tester, and the Witschi Analyzer Q1 tester.

    Proofmaster M Automat water resistance tester
    Witschi Analyzer Q1 teste

    Witschi Mechanical Analyzer – Expert 4th Generation

    The Witschi Watch Expert 4 is the latest updated measuring instrument for testing the rate accuracy, amplitude and beat error of mechanical watches.

    ElmaSolvex VA

    Multi-frequency ultrasound is adjustable for delicate parts. Place parts basket in the chamber – automatic pumping of solutions, ultrasonic cleaning, draining, drying; all under vacuum. Vacuum drying system uses warm, filtered, clean air. Vacuum technology removes gas bubbles during ultrasound, allowing cleaning and rinsing to reach all surfaces. Purchase filtration system (ELMA-VA1053376) to capture solvent vapors for units that cannot be exhausted outside.

    TÜV-certified explosion-proof when used with venting hoses or carbon filtration system
    Exhaust system vents fumes to outside through two provided 16.5′ long venting hoses
    HD color display
    Made in Germany


    ElmaSolvex Watch Cleaner – RM

    TUV-certified explosion safety when properly vented
    One cleaning, three rinsing, and one drying chamber
    Four-jar cleaning technology
    Use standard cleaning program or select options to vary time in the jar, basket speed, spin-off speed and time, and select rotation and/or vibration cleaning
    Uses wave breakers to create cleaning turbulence
    Option to select oscillating rotation or vibrasonic cleaning
    Includes: 64 mm basket complete, 4 jars, 4 jar lids, 4 wave breakers
    Venting attachment included
    Made in Germany


    Elmasolvex-RM watch cleaner