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We are offering you big savings when you bring in or send us in no less than 10 Rolex Datejust 3135 – 3035 movements for service, $160.00 each, 10 days to complete the work. (parts are not included)
This is what we will do according to AWCI Specs:
This process includes a complete disassembly of the movement, it is then placed in the Elmasolvex-RM watch cleaner (Required by Rolex). After the movement is perfectly cleaned we proceed to lubricate all parts with at least 5 different oils as required by Rolex and AWCI. We guarantee that the amplitude is at least 270 degrees and timing in 5 positions within 3 second per day. 3 year limited Warranty. 
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We check the hairspring condition for precision Timing, then the movement is placed back into the case as we will notify you if the gasket needs to be replaced to assure you of waterproofing and then the complete watch is placed on an automatic winder simulator for observation (72 hours).
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When all tests are completed, we will contact you to send us a shipping label of your choice (please use insurance)
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Enjoy and Cheers! OFFER ENDS 03/31/2024.
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