Gala Super Pocket stop watch chronograph Movement caliber and serial #1002440 – 3364 R Brevet


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The Gala Super Pocket stop watch chronograph features a movement caliber with the serial number 1002440 – 3364 R Brevet. Here’s a breakdown of what each component likely entails:

  1. Movement Caliber: This refers to the specific model or type of movement used in the watch. The movement is essentially the internal mechanism that powers the watch and enables it to keep time. The caliber number helps identify the specific design and features of the movement. In this case, the movement caliber is associated with Gala Super Pocket stop watches.
  2. Serial Number: The serial number is a unique identifier assigned to each individual watch. It helps track the production and history of the watch. In the provided description, the serial number is 1002440 – 3364 R Brevet. The serial number may contain information about the production batch, manufacturing location, or other relevant details.
  3. Brevet: The term “Brevet” typically refers to a patent or patent-pending status. It suggests that the design or technology used in the watch movement may be protected by patent or is in the process of being patented.

Overall, the Gala Super Pocket stop watch chronograph with the specified movement caliber and serial number represents a precision timepiece with unique features and potentially patented technology.