Seiko 4006-7001 Bell-Matic Automatic Watch Blue Dial Men’s 17 Jewels Vintage


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The Seiko 4006-7001 Bell-Matic Automatic Watch is a vintage timepiece designed for men, renowned for its distinctive blue dial and automatic movement. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  1. Design: The watch boasts a classic design typical of the vintage era it hails from. Its round case is likely crafted from stainless steel, which was a common material for watches of that time.
  2. Blue Dial: One of the standout features of this particular model is its blue dial. Blue dials add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the watch, making it stand out among other timepieces.
  3. Bell-Matic: The “Bell-Matic” designation refers to a feature unique to certain Seiko watches. In this case, it likely signifies an alarm function. The alarm on these watches is often a mechanical chime or vibration that alerts the wearer at a predetermined time.
  4. Automatic Movement: The watch is powered by an automatic movement. This means it winds itself using the motion of the wearer’s arm, eliminating the need for manual winding. Automatic movements were a significant innovation in watchmaking, providing convenience and reliability.
  5. 17 Jewels: The “17 Jewels” designation indicates the number of jewels used in the watch’s movement. Jewels are synthetic rubies or sapphires used as bearings in the movement to reduce friction and wear. Watches with more jewels are often considered more precise and durable.
  6. Vintage: Being a vintage timepiece, the Seiko 4006-7001 carries a sense of nostalgia and history. It may have certain design elements or characteristics that are unique to watches of its era, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts of vintage watches.

Overall, the Seiko 4006-7001 Bell-Matic Automatic Watch with its blue dial, alarm function, automatic movement, and vintage charm, offers a blend of style, functionality, and historical significance.