Ladies Rolex Head ONLY model 6517 Serial 1586684 with Caliber 1160 Running


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The “Ladies Rolex Head” refers to the main body or case of a Rolex watch specifically designed for women. In this case, the model number is 6517, which indicates the specific design and features of the watch. The serial number, 1586684, is a unique identifier for this particular watch, allowing for tracking and authentication.

The “Caliber 1160” refers to the movement inside the watch. The caliber number typically denotes the specific mechanism and features of the movement, including its size, shape, and technical specifications. In this instance, Caliber 1160 represents the internal workings of the watch, which include the gears, springs, and other components responsible for its timekeeping functions.

Overall, this description outlines a ladies’ Rolex watch model 6517 with serial number 1586684 and powered by Caliber 1160 movement. It provides important details about the watch’s design, authenticity, and internal mechanism.