Rolex 20MM Band SS 78360 Oyster 558B End pieces for Datejust


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The Rolex 20MM Band SS 78360 Oyster with 558B end pieces is a bracelet specifically crafted for Rolex Datejust watches. Here’s a detailed explanation of its components:

Rolex 20MM Band SS 78360 Oyster: This indicates the bracelet’s specifics. “SS” stands for stainless steel, suggesting the material used in its construction. “78360” is likely a model or reference number for this particular bracelet design. The “Oyster” designation signifies that it’s part of Rolex’s Oyster collection, renowned for its robustness and waterproof qualities.

558B End Pieces: The “558B” end pieces are components of the bracelet that connect it securely to the Datejust watch case. These end pieces are tailored specifically to fit Rolex Datejust watches, ensuring a snug and seamless integration between the bracelet and the timepiece.

In essence, the Rolex 20MM Band SS 78360 Oyster with 558B end pieces is a premium stainless steel bracelet crafted by Rolex to complement and enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of Rolex Datejust watches. It’s designed to offer both durability and elegance, aligning seamlessly with the sophisticated design language of the Datejust collection.