Rolex 5055 Oyster Quartz Day Date movement


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  1. High Precision: Quartz movements are known for their exceptional accuracy, often surpassing mechanical movements in this aspect. Rolex would ensure that its quartz movements maintain precise timekeeping.
  2. Thermocompensation: Rolex quartz movements may incorporate thermocompensation technology to minimize the effect of temperature changes on accuracy.
  3. Long Battery Life: Rolex quartz movements typically have long-lasting batteries, providing years of reliable operation before requiring replacement.
  4. Robust Construction: Like all Rolex movements, quartz movements from the brand are engineered for durability and resilience, capable of withstanding shocks, magnetic fields, and other environmental factors.
  5. Fine Finishing: Despite being electronic movements, Rolex pays attention to the finishing of its quartz movements, ensuring they meet the brand’s aesthetic standards.

If the Rolex 5055 Quartz is a real model, you may find more detailed information about its specifications, features, and performance directly from Rolex or trusted watch enthusiasts and experts.